How to search Coronavirus Tracing App Koronavilkku users

Since finnish version of Coronavirus Tracing App called Koronavilkku was released I have been wanting to find out if it is possible to see how many Koronavilkku users there is around me. So I have been playing with this app for about two weeks now and it seems to be working.

Because of an old project I happened to have Bluetooth LE scanner called RaMBLE – Bluetooth LE Mapper installed on my phone, so I started with that. I found out that if I scan bluetooth LE devices and use “Service UUID” filter “FD6F” I could find Koronavilkku users around me. Because Koronavilkku is using “Google’s & Apple’s Exposure Notification Framework” you should get this work on other countries too.

First add filters: RaMBLe filters for Covid Blinker

And then just turn on the scanner: RaMBLe Covid Blinker Results

Now there is even app for this called UUID 0xFD6F Scanner but I find it much more interesting to use tools that you can use for many purposes than these kind of apps.

Please let me know in the comments if this works with your phone and in your country. Feel free to correct me if I have wrote something that is not correct

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