Hidden menu on Dell laptops

Not sure why but if you want to see temperature info about your Dell laptop you can open “hidden menu” using your laptop keyboard just like this:

– Press FN + Shift button – While pressing those buttons press 1, 5, 3, 2, 4 – Release FN and Shift – Press FN + R

After […]

Watchport/T Temperature sensor on Linux

This script will get temperature from Watchport/T and Watchport/H sensors and write it to /var/log/watchport1.log file.

#!/bin/bash # # This script reads the temparature value from Watchport/T Temperature sensor # which is connected to the USB port. # Working on Centos 5 Linux, run by crontab # Change ‘\rT\r’ (Celcius) to ‘\rTF\r’ to get Fahrenheit […]