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Linux: Show your IP-address

Show IP-Address

How to get your IP-address:

<br /> ifconfig &quot;eth0&quot;|grep ‘inet addr’|cut -d’ ‘ -f12|cut -c6-20<br />

and if you want to use IP-address at your own scripts just use:

<br /> INTIP=`ifconfig eth0|grep ‘inet addr’|cut -d’ ‘ -f12|cut -c6-20`<br /> echo &quot;$INTIP&quot;<br />

and now you have your IP-address on $INTIP […]

Enabling/Disabling devices using command line on windows

I needed to disable smartcard reader on my client laptop because for some reason it had two smartcard readers and I only needed to use one so I had to disable that device on every laptop which I installed so I wanted to make it a bit easier for me.

First of all you need […]

Sony Ericsson GM29 on Linux

Using Sony Ericsson GM29 GPRS modem on Linux to send text messages.

I use this kind of code which I get from usenet but I have modified it for my own purpose: <br /> #! /usr/bin/kermit +<br /> set port /dev/ttyS0<br /> set speed 9600<br /> if fail { # Check that port was […]

Watchport/T Temperature sensor on Linux

This script will get temperature from Watchport/T and Watchport/H sensors and write it to /var/log/watchport1.log file.

<br /> #!/bin/bash<br /> # # This script reads the temparature value from Watchport/T Temperature sensor<br /> # which is connected to the USB port.</p> <p># Working on Centos 5 Linux, run by crontab<br /> # Change ‘\rT\r’ (Celcius) […]