VMWare Esxi: Shutting down firmware services… error

I was installing vmware esxi one of my servers and got error to my screen:

VMWare esxi error

Shutting down firmware services…
Page allocation error: Out of resources
Failed to shutdown the boot services.
Unrecoverable error

First I thought that the problem was with my install media so I did new usb dongle with Rufus but got the same error.

When I started to check my BIOS settings and found out that if I have UEFI boot chosen I get that error but if I change it to “Legacy BIOS” vmware esxi works perfectly.

Boot List Options

I’m pretty sure that there is some kind of bug on vmware why this happens but I can just use “Legacy BIOS” and problem is gone so it’s not so big things but if you are having this same problem just try to change this setting on your bios.

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