Using VLC with proxy

I needed to use VLC behind proxy but I didn’t find any kind of proxy setting in VLC settings.
There is command line option for this so I just make a new shortcut for VLCportable.exe with this kind of settings:

Target: [cc]VLCPortable.exe –[/cc]

And because I use VLC on many different kind of networks I find this really useful because now I can have
different kind of proxy settings and I can choose between those just with having different shortcuts.

I example have “VLC Home” and “VLC Work” both have different kind of proxy settings but now I doesn’t need
to change any kind of settings I just click “VLC Home” when I’m at home and “VLC Work” when I’m at work.
“VLC Work” of course uses my workplace proxy and VLC Home uses my home network proxy settings.

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