Ubuntu 10.10 and Nokia CS-15

With Ubuntu 10.10 it’s really easy to get connected to Internet with Nokia CS-15 Internet Stick.
You don’t need to play with usbmodeswitch, eject or download wvdial anymore everything what you need is in Ubuntu 10.10 =)
I did this with Dell laptop, Nokia CS-15 and Ubuntu 10.10 live-cd so it’s definitely basic and fresh install =)

Plugin your Nokia CS-15 to your computer and then we can start configuring connections.
You should see darkgray icon with red exclamation mark over it on right upper corner.
Right click it and you should see menu where you need to choose “Edit Connection…”



Then you should see “Network Connections” with tabs “Wired, Wireless, Mobile Broadband, VPN and DSL”
and now we need to choose “Mobile Broadband” because we are configuring our internet stick.



Click “Add” button and now you will see “Set up a Mobile Broadband Connection” window and
there you should see dropdown menu where is “Nokia Datacard” if not then choose it.

SetUp NewMobileBroadband


Next we will choose our internet provider country on “Choose your Provider’s Country” and I will
choose Finland because I’m on Finland.



Next you should see “Choose your Provider” windows where I will choose “Dna” because that’s
the operator whose SIM-card I have in my Nokia CS-15 internet stick.

Then we should see “Choose your Billing Plan” and for me it’s the “Default” plan that works.

Billing Plan

Now when we have finnished this step we should see “Confirm Mobile Broadband Settings” where we
can see summit of what we have done this far. Check that everything is right and then click “Apply”

Next windows is “Editing Dna Default 1” window (Title of that window depends which operator you have choosen).



I like to check “Connect automatically” and “Available to all users” boxes and uncheck “Allow roaming if home network is not available”
So our CS-15 will be connecting automatically and it will be available for everyone on your computer. I uncheck roaming box
because I don’t want it to connect weird networks (it’s normally pretty expencive to use roaming).
I will also change “Connection name” to “DNA Nokia CS-15” because then it’s easy to see which modem and which provider you are using.

And now we should see “DNA Nokia CS-15” in our “Network Connections” window

Mobile Broadband

and if everything went OK we should be connected to Internet. If not then click icon with your left mouse button
and choose “DNA Nokia CS-15”


and you should see “DNA Nokia CS-15 Connection Established” note on your screen which tells you that you are connected.
When you want to disconnected just click that icon with left mouse button and choose “Disconnect” under “DNA Nokia CS-15”.


And you should see “Disconnected” note on your screen.

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