Problems with TimeMachine and Airport Extreme with USB harddrive

I had iomega’s 2 terabyte external USB harddrive and I wanted to use that as a disk for my timemachine backups. When I plugged it in to my iMac it showed up to my desktop and I could do my timemachine backups to it like a dream.

Then I wanted to get rid of useless stuff from my desktop so I wanted to attach this same USB harddrive to my Apple Airport Extreme wifi access point but that wasn’t too easy.
First I plugged USB cord from my harddrive directly to my Airport Extreme USB port and thought and now I will find my disk right away at AirPort Utility but no disks there =(

Then I tried to find some info from the net… I had formatted my disk as a “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)” and one site told me that it should be just “Mac OS Extended” so I took my disk back to my iMac and formatted it again as a “MAC OS Extended” and I thought that was the problem but no… still no disks on my AirPort Extreme =(

I tried rebooting APE and my external harddrive but nothing seemed to help so finally I found Colin Devroe’s site and there was a tip to use powered usb hub between my external disk and airport extreme and that helped.

I have no idea why this has to do so hard way but at least it’s working now.

– Apple AirPort Extreme 802.11n (Firmware 7.5.2)
– AirPort Utility version 5.5.3 (553.20)
– Belkin USB 7-Port Hub F5U027
– IoMega 2 TB harddrive

Well… Am I using this setup? No… It was so darn slow and it wasn’t so stable so I my USB disk next to my iMac and I’m using it with USB cable directly from my iMac. One reason to this can be that my USB hub is only version 1.1 hub and not 3.0 or even 2.0 so this might work OK with newer USB hubs.

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