How to update BIOS almost without Windows

I have used this way to update many Dell computers (Laptops and desktops) but I’m sure that this will work with other brands too that can be run from the command line using dos

All you need to do this update is one USB dongle (it doesn’t need to be big probably 250MB could be enough but I haven’t found that old dongle). Rufus and the actual executable file which will update your bios which you have to download from your computer manufacturer website.

Only time when you need Windows is when you run Rufus and make that bootable USB dongle but after that you don’t need Windows. You might be able to do the bootable usb dongle in Linux or on Mac OS but I have been lazy and I haven’t tried it.

  • Download rufus and install it to your computer or use portable version like I use.
  • Make a bootable USB dongle with default settings using freedos which is the OS what we are going to use to boot our computer. If you want to use something else than Rufus to create your USB dongle you should find freedos files here:
  • Rufus default settings for updating computer BIOS without windows

    Rufus default settings for updating computer BIOS without windows

  • Copy biosupdate.exe to root directory of the dongle so that you will find then more easily when you have booted to freedos.
  • Boot from the dongle and run biosupdate.exe and run the update following the instruction which you get with your bios update.

Software used:

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