How to delete useless stuff OS X

If you want to find empty folders you just have to use find.

This one will just print those empty folders and doesn’t delete anything:
[cc]find /where/youwant/tostart -depth -type d -empty -print[/cc]

If everything looked OK then you can do that same search and delete those folders:
[cc]find /where/youwant/tostart -depth -type d -empty -print -exec rmdir {} \;[/cc]

All OS X Users have seen those pretty useless and annoying .DS_Store files so we can use that same find here.

First we just search and print those file locations to your screen:
[cc]find /where/youwant/tostart -name “.DS_Store” -depth -type f -print[/cc]

And if everything looked OK we can do that again and delete those files:
[cc]find /where/youwant/tostart -name “.DS_Store” -depth -type f -print -exec rm {} \;[/cc]

Thanks to Michael Ace about these tips.

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