Basics of NMAP basics

NMAP is probably best port scanner and network exploration/security auditing tool what you can find for free.
So here is some really basic things how to use it.

There is many ways to scan with nmap:

Using wildcard mask: nmap 192.168.0.*
Scan’s –

With range: nmap
Scan’s –

Using notation: nmap

Find out what operating systems this computer/devices are using:
sudo nmap 192.168.0.* -O

Do ping scan: sudo nmap 192.168.0.* -sP
TCP connect scan: sudo nmap 192.168.0.* -sT
SYN Stealh scan: sudo nmap 192.168.0.* -sS
UDP Scan: sudo nmap 192.168.0.* -sU

Verbose Mode: sudo nmap 192.168.0.* -sP -v
Verbose mode will give you more information about what NMAP is doing.

So if you example want to find DHCP servers from – ip range you can use nmap like this:

nmap -sU -p 67-68

It goes thru all IP’s from – and check ports 67 and 68 from every client.

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