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Young Red Fox
Red Fox eating rowan berries
Roe Deer
Leopard in the rain
Lion mum taking care of cubs
Male Lion
Lion Cubs Playing
Lazy Spotted Hyena
Female Lion
Golden Jackal

Moo MiniCards and BlackRapid RS-7 Strap

People often ask about my website where I publish my photos and where they can find my contact information.
I got tired of writing my website URL to paper so I ordered MOO MiniCards few months ago.

Then I had problem where to put them when I’m taking photos? If I keep them in Minicard Holder I always forget to take it with me.

After I bought BlackRapid RS-7 strap I noticed that there is a little pocket where about ten MOO Minicards can fit perfectly.

So what you need:
MOO MiniCards
BlackRapid RS-7
Amazing photographs ;-D

Blackrapid RS-7 and Moo MiniCards Blackrapid RS-7 and Moo MiniCards

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