Canon 5D Mark II and Err 20

I started to test my Neutral Density filters with my Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 70-200 2.8 IS USM lens but after a first photo I got “Err20: can’t take picture, turn off and back on…” error to my camera screen.
I turned my camera off and removed the batter and tried again with same Err 20 :-( I tried again with my Canon 100-400 lens and everything worked fine. Then I tried again with my 70-200 and same problem. I even tried with different compact flash card but that didn’t help.
Then I put my compact flash card to my card reader and removed everything what I had on that card with my iMac and after that everything seemed to work OK.
I have no idea where this error came from because everything worked fine few days earlier and I only use those compact flash cards only with that camera… so if you have this same problem try this and let me know if your camera started to work.
If this didn’t work try clean lens/battery contact and air blow your card/card reader clean because there might be something what doesn’t belong there.

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