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How to get Joy-IT 7″ Display work with Raspberry Pi

How to get Joy-IT 7″ Display work with raspberry pi

JoyIT 7″ Display:

Resolution 1024×600
Touch Controller GT811
Connectors HDMI for video and USB for power and touch functions

This shows you how to get JoyIt external 7″ HDMI display to work with Raspberry Pi. After these things image is OK and even touch screen thingy is working :-)

If you connect your joyit 7 inch display to your Raspberry Pi right away without any modifications it will probably look like this:

Raspberry Pi JoyIT Display Before

First I thought that my display is broken but then I tested it with my laptop and it worked so problem has to be somewhere else. I started to think about resolution settings of my Rasberry Pi and that indeed was the problem so here is how to fix it.

Model Joy-IT RB-LCD7-2 or JoyIT RB-LCD-7-2 or something like that

Just edit your /boot/config.txt file and edit it like this:

Add this line:

<br />
hdmi_cvt=1024 600 60 3 0 0 0<br />

Uncomment these lines:

<br />
# uncomment to force a specific HDMI mode (this will force VGA)<br />
hdmi_group=2<br />
hdmi_mode=87<br />

And reboot your Raspberry Pi after those changes or it will not work =)
This method has tested with Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspbian and with RetroPie – Retro-gaming on the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi JoyIT Display After

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