Warwalking: Nokia N900

I was bored at work so I was looking through downloadable application list of my Nokia N900 and find out that there is finally Kismet for N900 and I was really happy.
This far there has been airodump-ng and aircrack-ng so it has been possible to crack WEP just with N900 but now with Kismet you can use your N900 for actual hacking and not just testing your own WEP protected test network =)

I’m actually surprised how well it works and how OK it is to use with so small screen:

Kismet Nokia N900

Nokia N900 running Kismet

Biggest problem was getting in to those little menu items on the top of the screen but after that you could more around in the menu with arrow keys (if anybody knows any shortcut key to menu let me know) Ctrl+arrow key seems to do the trick.
Integrated GPS on Nokia n900 seems to work OK and so did wireless interface and this version of Kismet seems to write standard kismet log so you can use same tools what you use with normal kismet with this version of Kismet which was nice to notice =)

It seems that N900 Kismet only find network on channel 6 at defaults what is not so good thing.

If you only see networks on channel 6 you might wanna check this:
Kismet + Fully functional monitor mode for the N900

4 comments to Warwalking: Nokia N900

  • Anonymous

    If it’s protected by WEP, you HAVE no security.

    If you mean to say “plz make me a 1337 h4x0r”, then read “Hacking Exposed Wireless”, 2nd Edition. It explains everything you need to know about wireless hacking, then you can just use some google-fu to see how it applies to an N900 ;)

    • Petri

      That’s true. That’s why I wrote “WEP is so easy to crack that you should never ever use it anywhere.” to my WEP cracking post:

      About that book… It’s good book and every wannabe h4x0r should read at least that :-)

      And if you thought that this blog is to teach you how to be 1337 h4x0r or maybe even scriptkiddie ;-D I have to quote my about page:
      “This page, blog or whatever this is, is not just for sharing hacking tutorials or anything like that…”

  • busuba7

    Can you explain more how to use kismet and aircrack-ng to “check my wireless netwrok WEP” security. The more detailed the better since I’m new and really would like to know more about my device “N900” and my “network security”. Really appreciated! ;-)

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