WarSpying: Wireless Camera Hunter

Wireless Camera Hunter


  • Full Range Frequency Scanning from 900 MHz – 2.7 GHz
  • 2.5″ Hight Resolution Monitor
  • LCD Display Shows Frequency and User Setting Details
  • Full Range Video Protocol auto-switching for PAL/NTSC, CCIR/EIA
  • Auto and Manual Scanning Modes
  • Audible/Vibrating alarm
  • I’m not going to attach “screenshots” or sample video what I have found because
    that is probably not legal =) But there is more wireless video around than I thought there would be.
    Some are from CCTV cameras, TV senders, baby monitors, and so on…

    Or like Wikipedia says:
    “WarViewing (also known as War Watching and Warspying) is the sport and hunt for unprotected 2.4 GHz video feeds. These are usually broadcast from X10 cameras in major cities from traffic cameras, lobbies, or locally owned shops. WarViewing is derived from the term WarDriving (where people drive around with Wi-Fi equipment and look for wireless computer networks) which was originally derived from Wardialing (an outdated practice where people would use a modem to brute-force dial phone numbers searching for other computer modems which would answer).”

    Wireless Camera Hunter is nice little device to do some WarSpying.
    You can keep it in your pocket and it will alarm you with voice, vibrating or with both of those when it finds something.
    This way you don’t need to keep it in your hand and check it all the time =) It’s also so small that you can keep it with you wherever you go.

    I had an antenna for WiFi networks from my older/other projects and it’s connector was perfect for
    camera hunter. I had to test it. WiFi frequency around 2,4GHz is not so far away from hunters max 2.52 GHz. And
    it seems to work pretty ok =)

    I was visiting a big city in Finland, and of course I had my wireless camera hunter with me, so that I could do some WarSpying.
    I was more than a little bit amazed when I got live ultrasound of some baby on my screen.
    Of course I told about that to IT people there in order to fix that IMHO big security problem as soon as possible.

    Funny thing is that I started my warspying “hobby” many years ago with pretty cheap Aiptek SecuCam Wireless Baby Monitor and Security Camera. It was only 4 channel monitor but it still found many interesting transmissions :-D

    [warning]So if you want to have wireless CCTV cameras don’t get the cheapest ones which work on 2.4 GHz and which signal is not encrypted.[/warning]

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