WarDriving: MacBook Pro

Software: KisMAC 0.21A

Bluetooth GPS: Nokia LD-3W

LapTop / OperatingSystem: MacBook Pro / Mac OS X v10.5.6 Leopard

Getting BlueTooth GPS working with MacBook Pro and KisMAC was pain in the ass. When I get it work OK KisMAC would crash after couple of seconds.

When KisMAC worked otherwise it didn’t get GPS coordinates from my bluetooth GPS. At some point my MacBook Pro didn’t find a whole GPS even my phone found it right away.

It’s a little bit different experience to do wardriving with 15″ widescreen MacBook Pro than with Asus EeePC with 7″ screen :-) but different toys for different use like I use to say.

KisMAC does pretty much all same basic things what Kismet does. It founds wireless networks (even those with hiddden SSID) and speak those SSID’s what it found. It doesn’t tell me channell or encryption lever like Kismet does but normally it doesn’t matter. KisMAC doesn’t show GPS coordinates on the screen like Kismet does but it saves them to a log files so you can easily get them there if you want to put your wifi access point’s to a map like I use to do.







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