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Sony Ericsson GM29 on Linux

Using Sony Ericsson GM29 GPRS modem on Linux to send text messages.

Sony Ericsson GM29

I use this kind of code which I get from usenet but I have modified it for my own purpose:

<br />
#! /usr/bin/kermit +<br />
set port /dev/ttyS0<br />
set speed 9600<br />
if fail {                      # Check that port was obtained<br />
     exit 1 \m(port): \v(setlinemsg)<br />
<p>set carrier-watch off<br />
set session-log text<br />
log session output<br />
output AT+CMGF=1\13<br />
input /nomatch 10<br />
output AT+CSDH=1\13<br />
input /nomatch 10<br />
output AT+CSMP=17,167,0,0\13<br />
input /nomatch 10<br />
output AT+CMGS=&quot;phone_number&quot;\13<br />
input /nomatch 10<br />
output \&amp;_[1]\26<br />
input /nomatch 10<br />
output +CMGS: 15\13</p>
<p>close session<br />
exit<br />

You can write your message directly to this script if you want. You just have to change this line:

output \&_[1]\26

to look more like this:
output My Message\26

but I use \&_[1] because I want to give message as command line parameter.
Example if I want to send text message to my phone when my Linux server is offline I just have to write script which notice if my server is offline and then
run this script: Offline

and then it sends message “Offline” to my phone. Of course this was just a really basic example =)

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