Reset Dell Optiplex BIOS Password

Need to do something for Dell Optiplex computer (example install newer operating system) but some smart person has moved hard drive first on boot sequence order and added password for bios? Well.. then you just need to rest BIOS password which is pretty easy with Dell Optiplex computers.

You just have to find one jumper which is normally under hard drive. This works at least with Dell Optiplex 6xx and 7xx series.
Jumper is normally marked with text “PSWD” and it’s pretty easy to find because it’s probably blue/green when other jumpers are black and smaller.

First of all shutdown your computer and unplug power supply cable from back of your computer.

Open the case and you should see hard drive. Remove it (no need to unplug cables) and you should see “PSWD” labeled jumper under the hard drive.

Remove the jumper and plug power cord back to computer and turn on the computer. You should soon see “password” removed” text on the screen.
Power off your computer and unplug power cord again. Now you just need to put jumper back where you removed it and put hard drive back and close the cover.

Plug power supply cable again back and turn on your computer. If you hit F2 right away when you see text on the screen you should access the BIOS menu and you should notice that password is gone now and you can access everything on BIOS and you can even change password if you want (no need to do that).

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