NENGSHOU NS-468 Network and Phone Cable Tester

This time I’m testing NENGSHOU NS-468 from DealExtreme.

nengshou ns468

Nengshou ns-468

It feels and looks cheap. I guess that it’s not that bad since the tester is cheap (about $6.41 which is about 5 EUR).
Power/mode switch is probably cheapest possible switch what you can find.

However, the battery place is much bigger than normal 9V battery and that doesn’t make it feel any less cheap. :-)
So this is definitely not a fluke. The carrying case with a zipper is Okay.

What does this tester do?
It will go through all the wires and check if they are properly connected. It will light up leds from 1 to 8.
If your cable is grounded, there is also G led which will also light up. A tester is actually two pieces put together.
Master parts have power switches, batteries, led’s, and remote parts. It’s two parted so that you can leave a master
part to the start of the cable and a remote part to end of the cable.

You do not need to take a cable out of the wall since both parts can be attached together for storage.
You can find an English manual (Link removed because it’s not working anymore) for this device but I am not sure why you need a manual with this kind of device =)

The final verdict: It feels and looks cheap. I knew this, because it was cheap and it does the job so I will make no complaints.

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