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DIY: PoE Injektor (PoE)

DIY:POE aka Do it yourself: Power over Ethernet :-)

I needed to get power to my network device but I didn’t have any power outlets near my device so I had to get power to that device via ethernet cabel.
First I checked if I can get this kind of thing on shops but they were all over priced so I decided to do my own… and as we all know doing it yourself is much cooler than just buying one from the shop.

So what I used:
– RJ45 coupler joiner, network cable coupler x 2
– Some wire
– Connector blocks x 2



Why connector blocks and not just connectors? Well… I’m not 100% sure yet where I will use this so it’s easier to do it this way =)
So that is pretty much nothing… and if you do lot’s of network things you will probably have those already.
Open your RJ45 coupler joiner and cut wires 4-5 and 7-8 then add power + to wires 4-5 and – to wires 7-8.
Then from the other end take + out from wires 4-5 and – from wires 7-8. Keep electricity from wires 4-5 and 7-8 away from your switch and from your device network connector.

Device side will look like this (On this example I used Axis 206 network camera):

DIY PoE Device side

DIY PoE Device side

And powersuply side will look like this:

DIY PoE Powersuply side

DIY PoE Powersuply side

Now I can connect any lenght of Cat5 cabel between my DIY PoE blocks =)

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