WarDriving: Asus EeePC

I have done wardriving for a long time and there has been a huge increase in amount of wireless networks from when I started to now a days. When I started wardriving I had to drive around my local city, Helsinki and around there to get about thousands networks to our netstumbler or kismet log but right now I don’t even need to leave my local city to get way more than thousands networks =)

I use Asus EeePC 900 and eeebuntu. Kismet works like a dream on that combination. If you use other kind of laptop you can try BackTrack 3 what is darn good Linux live-cd what you can use without installing it to your laptop.
For locating networks I use old Garmin E-Trex (I of course have camo model of eTrex so it helps me to camouflage in a city jungle ;-) handheld GPS device.

Note: Now a days I’m using Nokia LD-3W Bluetooth GPS. So I have get rid of all those annoying wires.

Last but not least: Remember the difference between wardriving and piggybacking!

Kismet settings


Only settings what I had to change on kismet.conf (/etc/kismet/kismet.conf) were just:


If that doesn’t work try:


Depending on your distribution, it may be worth replacing ath0 or wifi0 with wlan0 or even eth0.
Run the command iwconfig to get some idea of what your active wireless interface is and use that.

So that kismet would know what network interface to use for scanning wireless networks.
Here is my kismet.conf (Coming back online soon) if you wanna check it out.

Make your kismet talk

I mostly do warwalking with my EeePC very often and I don’t want to look screen every second when I find something so I use festival.
If you want to use it too you have to install it first and then change next lines at your kismet.conf:


It’s just so much nicer to keep EeePCunder your jacket running Kismet and then just have earphones on your ears and you hear when ever Kismet founds a network and you can even hear SSID, channel information and encryption/open status of that network (You can actually configure what kismet tells you but maybe more about that later).

Log GPS locations of networks

I want to get coordinates/locations of our networks so I have to use GPS and that’s why I had to change:


I’m using Nokia LD-3W Bluetooth GPS. If you are using Bluetooth GPS you might need to install some bluetooth software/drivers to your laptop.


But like I said “source=madwifi_g,wifi0,atheros” is only line what you have to change to get kismet to work. Those other things are pretty much just tweaking =)



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