BlueTooth: Playing with it

Searching bluetooth devices is pretty easy. You can use tools like or btscanner on pc or example bloover on your phone.of course there is a lots of other programs too but I have used to use those tools.

Bluetooth with command line tools is really simple commandline tools that only search bluetooth devices and show their mac and name on screen. Normally it shows same devices many times but you can log everything with > bt.log and then remove duplicates from that line using linux command uniq.
Of course thats not perfect but enough for me.

Bluetooth with “GUI”


Btscanner is much better tool what is like kismet for bluetooth devices. It search devices and show them on the screen and if you want to see more info about devices you can just hit enter and it shows devices mac address, which bt devices has found it, when it’s found and manufacturer of that found devices (based on first six digits of devices mac address).



Bluetooth with mobile phone


Bloover II

Bloover II is software for your Nokia phone was can search devices and try to do some basic hacks for them like reading text messages, writing/reading phonebook entries and example redirect phone calls.
Most of these doesnt work anymore but few years ago there was many vulneb bluetooth devices around.
Attachment includes the note and its object


Bloover main screen


BlooverAttack Configuration screen


Bloover II Main Screen


BlooverII Settings Screen

2 comments to BlueTooth: Playing with it

  • Tracy

    Can I use btscanner on my windows 7 computer. I have it downloaded but it never picks up the target phone. I would really like to have something downloaded onto my cell phone so I can get this information when not at home. I just purchased highster mobile and am having trouble with it.

    • Petri

      As far as I know not this btscanner what I wrote about but there is software called bluetooth viewer for windows: try that and let me know how that worked.

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